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24 Hours Hong Kong massage Technique - Dong Fa

24 hours massage technique Dong Fa include all the techniques which the first goal is to allow the recovery of movement fluidity of a joint or an internal organ.

Therefore Dong Fa is not just one technique but it is an entire set of techniques constituting one of the building blocks of the Chinese Massage.

Final objective of these manipulations is to normalize the energy and fluids circulation in the energy meridians that go through the joints and the internal organs.

Therefore Dong Fa allow to reduce tensions, blockages, limitations to movements. A Dong Fa Technique should always be preceded by a technique of Tuina to enable a better execution and result of the Dong Fa. A tuina should also be executed after the Dong Fa to favour the tissue recovery.


We distinguish two types of Dong Fa:

1.The joints manipulations

2.The organs manipulations



These joints manipulations have two goals: first to test the joint movement rayon, second to correct any wrong alignment and loosen blockages.


-Stretching in the joint axis, will stretch the joint keep it into its own axis without any bending or folding or any extension. This manoeuvre is executed very slowly, gradually and progressively, with a lot of precautions, it is essential to no modify the axis, not even of few millimetres.

Must stop immediately at any kind of pain.


-Pressures: Are done on the joint soft part or the whole joint. They helps to reduce hypertonicity or to improve an energy void or to drain stagnating liquids.

-Transversal Tractions : apply a very light stretching on the joint in a different direction then the natural direction of the joint. This helps to liberate the CHI energy in the local area


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