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24 hours Incall Massage in Hong Kong

Our prices for Incall massage:

60 Minutes Massage Therapy is 298 HK$

90 Minutes Massage Therapy is 398 HK$

120 Minutes Massage Therapy is 598 HK$

Massage Incall Hong Kong Incall SPA treatment massage HK

Incall SPA Treatment & Massage


 100 Minutes Massage Therapy is 500 HK$

 120 Minutes Massage Therapy is 550 HK$

Incall Foot Reflexology Hong Kong Incall foot-massage Hong Kong

Foot Reflexology Massage

60 Minutes Massage Therapy is 199 HK$

90 Minutes Massage Therapy is 260 HK$

Incall Four Hands Massage HK 4 hands Massage Incall Hong Kong


4 Hands Incall Massage

60 Minutes Massage Therapy 598 HK$

90 Minutes Massage Therapy 700 HK$

24h Hong Kong best massage experience in Serenity SPA facility rooms: We organized everything in our massage place so that you can have the greatest incall massage experience in Hong Kong in a truly comfortable environment optimized for all therapeutic and as well sensual/tantric massage techniques and approaches, large rooms, temperature control, professionally designed massage beds, large private showers and all the incall massage professional tools.

Find here below our basic Incall massage menu, We are very proud of our therapeutic aroma oil massage, but we have a lot of creativity and we like to adapt our incall massage service to the need of the customer, so if you have in mind something more of this basic menu just call us (  +852 59126906  ) everything is possible, we have good expertise in Tantric Body to body and sensual incall massage art and we can provide all different kind of incall massage you are looking for. Our standard menu is based on tipping system but we also  offer ALL inclusive incall massage packages so you are sure of the complete service you get. Just ask and we will explain everything.

All our Therapist are trained at professional level and thus ensure that every massage therapy session with Aromatherapy massage oil will yield many physiological benefits, and as well reduce stress and anxiety by mind and body deep relaxation, it will enhance feeling of well-being, positive body awareness, it can help to reduce the pain from physical and emotional trauma.

Four Hands Synchronized incall Massage if done by professional massage therapists can truly double the benefits for the patient, it can yield a massive set of wellbeing feelings in all the customer body parts. While the two masseuse open the upper and lower body energy and fluids flow circulation the patient will feel like in a wonderful warm pool of soothing energy, it will allow an amazing liberating experience.

Incall Massage take place in the massage therapist's installation (a SPA, Office, clinic..) it allow generally to optimize the therapist usage of time and set up, naturally the incall facility where we operate is organized to allow the finest massage experience in Hong Kong.

Of course the Incall Massage allow for lower prices thanks to the time and conditions optimization. the intrinsic Incall massage circumstances pitch in sundry boon to the massage experience:

During the incall massage session the massage environment can be effectively managed for example the temperature, lighting, and happy relaxing ambience music used during the session to enhance positive experience. Our Hong Kong incall massage Installation is a real oasis of happy mood that from the massage beginnings to the endings will protect you from all distressing factors of our daily metropolitan life thus increasing all your massage results. The massage and kinetic techniques that the masseuse uses can be correctly applied thanks to the proper massage bed, enhanced shower, availability of different therapeutic oil, abundant space in the massage room, proper air condition.