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24 h Outcall Massage in Hong Kong

Prices for Standard Outcall to

Hotel/home service:


60   Mins Massage Therapy   600HK$

90   Mins Massage Therapy   800HK$

120 Mins Massage Therapy 1000HK$


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Please note that massage outcall between 2am and 10am need to be booked in advance

Outcall Massage in Hong Kong

Anything else in mind? We like to provide customized outcall massage service according to customers different expectations, so if you wish something either than the above outcall massage menu just call us we also enjoy providing Tantric Body to body and sensual massages (please read disclaimers in our legal page) outcall and we can perform all sort of massage types you are looking for. Our above outcall modules require also tips to the therapists depending what extra service you ask but we also offer ALL inclusive packages so you are sure of the complete outcall service you get, just call us we will clarify everything on the phone.

We strive in any outcall massage session to bring to your hotel room or home all the magic of a comfortable massage parlor we like to create the atmosphere, ensure the hotel room temperature is good, to have a good shower or bath session if you wish. We come with all the professional outcall massage tools and you can rest assured that we know how to manage all the massage techniques also in an ordinary bed not massage optimized.

Our outcall massage service is easy to book we have large availability 24h we are punctual and we like to make sure our customers are satisfied at every outcall massage session.

Customizable outcall Massage Services, or extra packages

24 hours massage technique Dong Fa include all the techniques which the first goal is to allow the recovery of movement fluidity of a joint or an internal organ.

Therefore Dong Fa is not just one technique but it is an entire set of techniques constituting one of the building blocks of the Chinese Massage.

Final objective of these manipulations is to normalize the energy and fluids circulation in the energy meridians that go through the joints and the internal organs.................................READ MORE



Outcall massage in Hong Kong it is a very intense operationally reality.

Reflexology is one of the therapeutic techniques belonging to the Hong Kong traditional massage and thus to the Hong Kong Outcall massage.

As much as the city love massage places it is also very common to have massage therapists travel to the customer residence or hotel room. This type of Hong Kong Massage operation present two obvious challenges for the massage operator:

.................................READ MORE