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Hong Kong Massage Healing capabilities: Migraines

Hong Kong Massage healing headache it is certainly the most effective form of treatment for a number of headaches typologies.

We must here remind that in Hong Kong Massage traditional Chinese medicine we distinguish two categories of headaches or migraines :


1.Hong Kong Massage First category of headaches is migraines caused by external factors, usually related to excess of full energy (shi)


2.Hong Kong Massage second category of headaches is migraines caused by the body internal problems, usually related to excess of energy emptiness (xu)


The first category will directly benefit from the application of only the Hong Kong massage therapy.

The second category will require Hong Kong Massage as an auxiliary therapy to be coupled to acupuncture, herbal medicine and pharmacology.


Here a synopsis of the basic Hong Kong massage manipulations useful to all type of migraines healings:


A.Hong Kong Massage manipulation, grip and pinching of the acupressure point gallbladder 21 (jianjing): The Hong Kong Massage therapist is behind the patient and execute manipulations of pinching of the gallbladder meridian point 21. This Hong Kong massage manipulation must be executed with a fair strength and pressure for at least 5 minutes.


B.Hong Kong Massage pressure and kneading of the neck: The Hong Kong massage therapist is on the left side of the patient and use the left hand to hold the patient forehead and use the right hand to execute kneading on the cervical area starting from the gallbladder meridian point 20  ( fengchi)until the 21 (jianjing). The manipulation will be executed in a mirror manner from the right side two. Also this manipulation should last at least 5 minutes.


C.Hong kong Massage pressure and kneading of the meridian 3 extra taiyang: The Hong Kong Massage Therapist is behind the patient and hold hands on the patient head with the thumbs on the parieto-occipital region and the other fingers on the temporal region the kneading manipulation last 5 minutes.


Hong Kong Massage Capabilities: Migraines