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Hong Kong Massage places local detailed comprehensive information guide, directory and anthology for very local Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (S.A.R.) massage lovers and as well a guide for everybody who want to find the best Massage techniques, school, practices and places in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and new territories offer far more choices for massage than any other place in the world.

Hong Kong Massage - Massage Therapy Hong Kong Guide

We could rename Hong Kong S.A.R. “Massage Land” (nearly an understatement) and this makes difficult to evaluate which therapy style or school or technique is the right massage in HK for you, and even more difficult which place is reliably good quality.


An extremely high density of massage parlors all over the different districts of Hong Kong S.A.R.

SPA Massage and more Foot Reflexology Shops signs popping up at every step and every MTR station in central, admiralty, mid-levels, Soho, Causeway Bay, Tin Hau, Chai Wan, North Point, Quarry Bay, Wan Chai, Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung hom, Jordan, Mong Kok, Yau ma Tei, Wong Tai Sin, Prince Edward, Kings Park…and so on.  


Naturally, the average foreign customer and sometimes even the locals need good guidance tips for finding the Hong Kong massage places that offer a good quality Massage technique both in the Hong Kong health massage category and in the notorious Hong Kong Sensual Tantric and Happy End Massage.


This formidable Hong Kong Massage attendant we are creating here also give us the chance to outline what is available in our beloved Hong Kong Serenity Spa.

Find here some useful information and tips not to get lost in the big Jungle that is the massage business in Hong Kong :-)


Hong Kong Massage: Traditional Chinese Massage 


Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Massage is a therapeutic massage of very ancient origin and with an amazing academicals and technical history, it evolved steadily across centuries getting today to a very high level of sophistication, effectiveness and refinement.


Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Massage foundation principles are the same of the Chinese acupuncture, which take root in the very ancient Taoist Philosophy and its cosmological view.

Taoist philosophy deems the universal energy called in Chinese Chi (or QI) as the central pivotal concept for every aspect of life including the human body functions.


In this Taoist view, the Yin and yang laws and the five elements energies are applied to the human body energy channels network (called meridians) and they are the essential rules that every Hong Kong Massage therapist apply adamantly.

The body acupuncture and tendons meridians connect the internal organs to the full human body, mind, and spirit system and allow the circulation and growth of this body vital energy Chi (Qi).

The Chi distribute the blood everywhere in the body supporting all life functions like digestive, immune, hormonal and so on, and furthermore shape our feelings and emotions.


In this Taoist Traditional Chinese medicine, the human body, mind and spirit “health” is strongly linked to the concept of balance between yin and yang and between the meridians and five elements frequencies, thus through this point of view any energy unbalance can cause disease in the body, mind and spirit.

Indeed, a good Hong Kong Chinese Therapeutic massage should aim at restoring balance and harmony in the body of the patient and hopefully also in the mind and heart.

Hong Kong Massage Therapist will try to increase the tone where energy is weak, and to disperse the excess of energy in the body areas where the energy is too strong.  


In China and in Hong Kong there is active medical research on the massage field particularly about two areas: first is the recovery of all ancient techniques enhancing their precision and value, second area of research is to develop new methods thanks to modern science applied to ancient knowledge.


The highest level of Hong Kong Traditional Massage is defined by two locutions: the first is Tui Na, this term originate in the time before Ming dynasty thus is pretty ancient, it means “push and grab”.

The second locution is “An Mo” and it originate in the time after the Ming dynasty and it somehow translates as “light touch & friction”. Currently in Chinese the two locutions may be used indifferently but in the practice there is a difference, An Mo label the set of lighter and softer manipulations while Tui Na refer to the more intense and strong hands maneuvers.  


Hong Kong Chinese Traditional massage has different level of professionalism and integration with the medical profession. The higher levels of An Mo & Tui Na massage require massage therapists with good medical training and qualifications.

The lower levels of TuiNa/An Mo, including basic acupressure and reflexology, allow also for health & fitness level massage therapists.

See more at 24 Hours Hong Kong Massage technique Dong Fa  and at Hong Kong Massage Healing Capabilities: Migraines

Hong Kong Massage: Acupressure & Reflexology Massage  


Integral part of Hong Kong Tui Na & An Mo, the acupressure and reflexology massage are highly interconnected but they also have some individual separated use:


Hong Kong Acupressure Massage imply the possibility to use with high precision the fingers like the needles of acupuncture so to increase the tone or disperse some relevant energy points and meridians in the body according to the massage patient need. Acupressure can be also at different levels of skill and used as high as real medical treatment or as trivial as light health and wellbeing promotion.

The Hong Kong traditional Chinese medicine and the Hong Kong general folk culture display amazing virtuous uses for these acupressure points, which, also are widely important in all Chinese martial arts, are enablers for blocking or controlling the adversary fighter.


Hong Kong reflexology massage make a map identifying the body areas that respond and relay the different body and organ function.

Reflexology, thus, allow in this way to heal many ailments by a good massage of foot, the ears, the hands the sexual organs and many other parts of the body.

According to Chinese ancient reflexology every inch of the body has a certain reflexology value. Like Tui Na / An Mo and acupressure, also reflexology requires therapists with very different level of medical skills.


See more at Hong Kong Outcall Massage Applied Reflexology.

Hong Kong Massage: Aromatherapy


In Hong Kong the Aromatherapy massage is widely practiced both in Hong Kong SPAs and as well as in Outcall Massage operations. The aromatherapy Oil massage practice is historically rooted in the most ancient civilizations (Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, and all Mediterranean ancient people) which, since millennia, used essential oils for health and cosmetic purposes.


We prefer not to go here through all the details and intricacies of the more or less documented health promoting properties of today Hong Kong aromatherapy massage essential oils.

It is enough to say that for a top quality SPA massage operator (both Incall & Outcall massage activity) it is imperative to select high end essential massage oils with certified standard content of components and tested hypoallergenic quality.


The aromatherapy oil will affect the massage patient body both through the brain reaction to the aroma by the olfactory system and as well, the specific chemical effects of the oil after absorption in the body tissues. These good quality aromatherapy massage oils composition encompass mainly plants extracts, they are obtained through distillation, solvent, infusion.


Claimed benefits of aromatherapy massage mostly cover body pain reduction, emotional relaxation improvement, energy recovery. As massage experts, we recommend not to take the aromatherapy massage as a medical treatment but more as a fitness booster.

In Serenity SPA Hong Kong, we source only high quality certified hypoallergenic Aromatherapy Oils to be used in our Therapeutic and Sensual Massage sessions.

Hong Kong Massage: Swedish massage


Some claims the Swedish massage to be the most practiced massage technique nowadays (outside of Hong Kong of course), it is for this reason probably that it is also simply known as “classic massage”.

Swedish massage uses five main kinds of body touch strokes, which take French terms, as names.

The Swedish massage therapists will go through protocols based on body muscle, bones and joints anatomy.


The general benefit of Swedish massage it is widely recognized for improving pain conditions, for relaxation and physical performance improvement. The body energy flow (Qi for Chinese, prana for Indians, Ki for Japanese) is not important in general Swedish massage theory and is not the central driving idea during its sole standalone massage therapy sessions.

Hong Kong Massage: Deep Tissue Massage 


Human body is sustained, wrapped, hold together and structured by aggregate of cells identified as connective tissue and muscle tissue, big part of it is ligaments, tendons, cartilage and those muscle fasciae that wrap and supports the internal organs.


Any deep tissue massage approach implies very knowledgeable therapist professionally qualified and with very experienced hands and fingers.


While ancient traditional massage techniques like Hong Kong Chinese and Indians included very advanced and refined ways to manipulate body connective and muscle tissues since many centuries, only recently the western civilization developed quite few modern approaches.

Some of these approaches are included in comprehensive disciplines like Osteopathy, Myofascial release, cranial-sacral techniques, neuro muscular therapy and Bindegewebs Connective tissue massage.

Hong Kong Massage: Lymphatic Drainage 


Very popular everywhere in the world so we assume all readers know about the lymph and its important vital function in the human body as part of the circulatory and immune system. The lymph fluid circulation covers all the body and it is strongly relying on peristaltic contraction of the lymph vessels.


It often happens to many people to get the lymphatic system a bit lazy and sometimes blocked.

Moreover, even healthy lymphatic systems benefit from some external hands work to reboot and flow stronger and smoother again.

So here come to play famous manual lymphatic drainage massage that started in the western culture just in the 1930 but it is part of Chinese and other Asiatic traditional massage since much earlier than that.  Lymphatic drainage massage is very popular in Hong Kong too.

Hong Kong Massage: Anma 


Anma Massage as you can imagine from the name is the result of the evolution of Chinese An Mo/Tui Na in Japan starting somewhere in the 8th century, it took the name and it became in the modern times a standardized massage school.


In Japan Anma practitioners need a formal certificate from their administration.

Receiving treatment from a good level Anma massage certified therapist is a blessing, believe us ;-) but it is for those who like very powerful strong intense massage as Anma massage techniques are usually applied with a significant amount of force.

Hong Kong Massage: Shiatsu, Massage or energy Therapy?


Now dear Hong Kong massage lovers beware that Shiatsu professionals “generally” do not like at all to be called ‘massage therapists’ so we beg them to forgive us if we inserted the Shiatsu in our Serenity Spa Hong Kong Massage anthology. Shiatsu practice include application of hands and fingers on the human body acupressure meridians. Shiatsu protocols follow rigorously the five elements and yin yang theory so it culturally connect somehow to the Chinese Tui Na and acupressure massage.


Shiatsu does origin in Japan as part of the above-described Anma before taking its own separated path in the modern times. It is possible to encounter in Hong Kong many massage therapists who insert some elements of Shiatsu in their otherwise simple Chinese massage therapy session. Shiatsu it is today known everywhere in the world as an effective health promoting therapy.

Hong Kong Massage: Watsu


In spite of the name, Watsu does not originate in Japan but in US and it is very recent; Shiatsu did though inspire its development. Watsu includes massage and bodywork to be done in the water (so water plus shiatsu equal Watsu ;-) ). It would require formal training and certification. It is used same way as massage but it may in some instances can be an effective physical rehabilitation approach.

Hong Kong Massage: Traditional Thai Massage


The traditional Thai Massage, known in Thailand as “Ancient massage” (nuad phaen boran in Thai language) it an extremely rich and valuable set of therapeutic massage techniques.


Even if as Hong Kong Massage Therapists, our heart primarily goes to the Chinese Traditional Massage we humbly bow to the amazing skills and art of Thai Traditional Massage. Digging carefully in the historical background of the Thai Massage we can find its origin in North India where 2500 years ago an Indian medical doctor contemporary of Buddha led the way in that time “state of the art” medical knowledge.

The teachings of this Indian Doctor arrived in Thailand in the same time as Buddha Teachings and they seem to constitute the main Thai Massage theoretical background.


Traditional Thai massage approach is based on a human energy anatomy view similar as a concept to the one of the Chinese acupuncture meridians and it includes very refined hands techniques to open these energy channels combined with patient body yoga positions that the therapist induces with the support of her arms, elbows, feet and knees.

Hong Kong Massage: Ayurvedic  


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system that encompasses herbal, massage and meditation practices usually applied in a highly integrated way.


The massage is the most important of the Ayurvedic therapies and like the Chinese, Thai and tantric massage it include a sophisticated body energy channel network anatomy that are treated by massage and pressure through protocols based on the Ayurvedic energy frequencies theory.

Hong Kong Massage: LomiLomi  


Carrying the Hawaiian flag, where it originated, it is, as the Asiatic massages, based on a very strong spiritual theory and practice which integrate the massage session with a deep bounding holistic view and perception of the entire environment around the massage patient.


With this strong spiritual and meditative background, the original authentic LomiLomi cannot spread easily. These days, the Lomilomi massage so popular a bit everywhere from Hawaii, to Europe and Asia, is a simplified adapted version of the original, same version you can find in Hong Kong, we can comment that main benefit we experienced from Lomilomi is a very nice enjoyable relaxation power.

We refer in this article section to the Hong Kong Sensual Massage in its versions, which, are rigorously within the mores and law limits, in this strict sense the mostly offered Hong Kong Sensual Massage modules and protocols are:



Hong Kong Happy End Massage, which focus on the positive emotions of the massage patient, see main article in this website.


Hong Kong Tantric Massage inspired by Tantra philosophy, see main article in this website.


Hong Kong Body to Body Massage correctly and virtually represents any kind of massage because it put emphasis on the fact that any kind of massage is a connection of the Therapist body to the patient body.


Hong Kong Body-to-Body massage requires a higher skill level in adopting the best angle of the Massage Therapist Body parts like elbows, forearm, knees and feet applied on the Massage Patient Body parts.


The Hong Kong Body to Body massage science provide very interesting structure for the Hong Kong Massage Therapist position, alignment and use of her own weight on the massage patient Body parts through her elbows, forearms, knees and feet, and dosing the massage energy through these body parts undoubtely require advanced skills.



Hong Kong Full Body Massage or full service massage 


Also known as Hong Kong full service massage it usually implies massage protocols, which, include all body meridians and all patient body parts, it requires a relatively high level of skills to ensure a good balance between treatment of yang meridians in the patient body back and yin meridians in the body front part, for this is imperative that the massage therapist has an advanced deep knowledge of all muscle tendon meridians and their energetical polarity charge (yin or yang) and the most critical yin and yang acupressure points.