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Chakra Ajna Tantric Massage Hong Kong:

Chakra Ajna Hong Kong Tantric Massage is Located in the forehead in the middle of the eyebrows and  it is subject to debate if it has a separate energy location from the third eye or it is the same energy centre. Indeed the Hong Kong Tantra Massage Chakra Ajna is located superficially on the forehead while the third eye is considered to be in the hypophysis location. In any case even if they are two different energy centres they are nonetheless tightly connected and one’s energy health directly influence the others.


The Hong Kong Tantric massage specialists relate this chakra to the soul, to intuition, self-responsibility, clear and sharp reality perception, IQ, self confidence and trust.

This Hong Kong Tantric massage energy centre govern our concentration ability and thus enable our meditation capability, our communication skills and our relationship with higher spiritual planes.


Professional Chakra Ajna Hong Kong Tantric massage techniques acting on the Hong Kong tantra Massage Chakra Ajna allow the improvement of a number of energy unbalances and pathologies especially at psychological level, a weakened ajna chakra may lead to all sort of fears, lack of concentration, lack of self confidence and trust, and nearly every type of hormonal perturbation given the crucial role of the hypophysis in the production of all hormones in the body hormonal glands.


This Chakra Ajna Hong Kong Tantric Massage  it is used in conjunction with the belly massage so to heal migraines, sinus problems, vision problems like Hyperopia, myopia, conjunctivitis, strabismus, astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts.


From the stand point of the Hong Kong tantric massage Therapist hands techniques it is important to mention that the forehead as many other head areas it is very sensitive and reactive to massage and that the nature of the tissue to manipulate has very special characteristics compared to other areas of the body, therefore this Hong Kong Tantric Massage technique require very agile and sensitive fingers able to perceive the subtle energy flowing in the forehead energy centres.


Chakra Ajna Tantric massage Hong Kong and energy tuning has a direct impact on the hypophysis function, therefore impacting the patient sense of time and all those body functions which require a chronological punctuality and synchronization.

Furthermore it guarantee an appropriate secretion of the other body glands hormones to be balanced and to be sufficiently active.


Chakra Ajna Tantric massage will undoubtedly enhance the patient  ability to concentrate and perform any type of meditation, it is adamant that it is indispensable to massage Chakra Ajna in synch with the proper tuning and energy balancing of the other Chakras of Hong Kong Tantric massage techniques.

Chakra Ajna, the third eye-Hong Kong Tantric Massage Technique Chakra Ajna -Tantric Massage Hong Kong