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Wow! Does not remind you something? It looks like a mirror back to back image of the Taoist Philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine which as you all may know is the cradle of Hong Kong Massage, sensual or therapeutic. We can conclude then, that of course, Tantra or Tantric philosophy is very rich of powerful usable elements for a good quality Hong Kong Massage, and I would also add that any level of training in Tantric Yoga techniques, from beginner to expert, can certainly reinforce the Hong Kong Sensual Massage therapist abilities and her massage energy transfer on the very lucky Hong Kong Tantric Sensual massage customer.




So we promised to look more into the Tantric Chakras, what are them exactly? Naturally the word come from Sanskrit and it means wheel or also energy vortex and this alone already tells you a lot, indeed their location correspond to areas of the body where the energy concentrates to feed all the corresponding body, mind and spiritual functions and relay to other areas and channels.

There are many of these Tantric Chakras in the body but traditionally Tantra practice focus a lot on seven of them.

The chakras allow to exchange easily energy from outside the body to the inside and vice versa, as a consequence the chakras are a very interesting concept for a serious Hong Kong Massage Therapist, both for Sensual or therapeutic massage. Every Chakra has an energy frequency, a colour, emotion and a role for body, mind spirit functions.


Tantric Chakras information can be very easily found in countless books and websites, but we choose to list here some short info which have also a pivotal role in a good Hong Kong Tantric Massage:


-Tantric Chakra Sahasrara also called Crown Chakra is connected to the pituitary gland, hypothalamus the central nervous system, lots related to spiritual energy and self-consciousness emotions, apparently the colour is white, obviously is an important part of a Hong Kong head massage


- Tantra Chakra Ajna also called the third eye, connect to the colour violet, linked to the famous pineal gland and with crucial role in regulating the hormones, the body functions cycle versus time, it strongly relate to intuition and mental abilities. This also is critical in a good Hong Kong head and eyes massage


-Tantric Chakra Vishuddha also known as throat chakra, the colour is red, it clearly links to the thyroid gland (given the area) it connect to communication, expression abilities, self-assurance, it is used as injection centre for the Buddhist art of Dreaming yoga where the practitioners train to fall asleep focusing the mind on Vishuddha, now you should know that Japanese geishas were (maybe are) used to massage this area to enhance the hormones that make them beautiful. This point is essential in a Hong Kong professional neck massage ;-)


- Tantra Chakra Anahata also known as heart Chakra, colour green or pink, this chakra is home of compassion, love and related sentiments, being close to the renown Thymus gland which has such a powerful role for the immune system and the youth of the hormonal system. It is Important area for Hong Kong chest and lymphatic circulation massage.


- Tantric Chakra Manipura also known as the belly button chakra ;-) is yellow colour, its link to metabolism, digestion, pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands, it affects how we deal with emotion like fear and on the positive sense of power and somehow also our ability to learn (metabolize) study and grow. Always covered in an Hong Kong belly area massage, often in circular hands patterns clockwise and counter clockwise, it is good to teach the customer a good abdominal breathing.


- Tantra Chakra Svadisthana also known as sacral chakra, given the name it is clearly located in the sacrum area :-) it is linked to the sexual organs, it feed to and takes energy from the reproductive cycle as well as the genitourinary functions, emotionally it connects to violence and addictions on the negative and creativity, pleasure, joy on the positive. Massage of the sacrum area and gluteus is essential in Hong Kong Massage, both in sensual massage and therapeutic the sacrum area is the key to open many body blockages.


- Tantric Chakra Muladhara also known as root chakra is positioned just in the tip of the coccyx area it has important connection with the spine bone marrow and spine nerves, Taoist believed this point is connected to previous life memories, emotionally it governs emotional balance and solid feelings. Same like the sacrum this area correspond to a very critical Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure and acupuncture point which allow improvement of many urogenital ailments and back problems. It is definitely of capital importance for Hong Kong Massage professionals




How to integrate these Tantric Chakras aspects in useful whole seamless approach in our Hong Kong Tantric massage? For this we also have to talk about Tantric Yoga breathing, alignment and massage techniques.

We will gradually add to this initial documents more practical examples of smart use of Tantric knowledge base techniques in a good quality Hong Kong Tantric massage, and how to approach successfully the Tantra massage of all the Chakras in a way that harmonise with the Hong Kong traditional Sensual Massage Techniques derived from Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.




It goes by itself to say that while you can practically find Tantra Massage in every corner of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, many of the massage parlours or outcall agencies mostly use Tantric as an empty glamourous label to sell just a sensual massage. We like to try to capitalize on the real Tantric massage value to improve the Hong Kong Tantric massage customer experience, feelings and benefit in Serenity SPA Hong Kong.


Yours Truly :-)

(just joking.....always joking like here in Serenity Spa, it is a warning ;-) )


Serenity SPA very Tantric girls Hong Kong ;-)

Hong Kong Tantric massage, Tantra, Tantrism, Tantrikas, left hand Tantra, right hand Tantra, Tantric Yoga, Sadhanas, Mandalas, Chakras and more, oh my... ... ...  

What are these? What has this to do with Hong Kong Tantric Sensual massage? Is this just a bunch of mambo jumbo? Or it is really good stuff that can enhance the Hong Kong Sensual Tantric massage customer experience in our Hong Kong Serenity SPA? Well, let’s see together.



Apparently Tantra philosophy has been going for few millennia, so if we try to tell here the full Tantra & Tantric massage history you risk to get some vertigos in the best case and terribly bored in the worst case, nonetheless it makes sense to say that the history of Tantra is made by astonishing efforts of an important part of Indian (Mainly Hindu, with few Buddhism derived elements) culture to pursue self-improvement, enlightenment and realization through both a Tantric shamanic way and a Tantric yogic way.




The Tantric shamanic part along the centuries crossed the Veda path (a whole other history). The Tantric yogic part preluded the Hatha yoga with some Sutras and clearly included the development of the energy physio-biological anatomy of the very famous Chakras.

Now please believe us, who we are Hong Kong (Tantric or therapeutic) Massage Experts, the Tantric Chakras and Tantric Yoga are something we can definitely use in a good Hong Kong Tantric Massage;-) here in Serenity SPA, and it follows further below why.

Tantra word originated in two Sanskrit words that mean accretion and enfranchisement, these two attributes are also definitely something we can use in a good Hong Kong Tantric massage, right?

We will come back in a minute to the Tantric Chakras meaning and the importance in the Hong Kong Tantric Massage as well as the use of the yoga energy channels.

Lots of writing went on to include these developments and actually the Tantras identify a group of nearly a hundred Sanskrit words scriptures that are supposed to be self-realization teachings of “no” divine origin.




The Indian Hindu Tantra philosophy includes a fundamental concept that is Prana/Kundalini (like Chi or Qi in Chinese) a name for what is considered to be the vital energy behind all life in the cosmos including human beings and that, by ensuring its unobstructed flow, it guarantee health, long life and happiness.

So for the Tantrikas the cosmos and the human being life strongly depend upon the circulation of this energy along some critical energy channels, and they identified 5 major energy frequencies that they called the 5 elements, Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

In this Tantric view spiritual emotions and physical dimension are indissolubly connected in the Tantra, so healing the emotional part positively influence the physical and healing the physical positively influence the emotional, clearly the same philosophy of our Hong Kong Happy End Massage in Serenity SPA.




It does happen that the Tantra practitioners believed the sexual energy to be essential for boosting the self-improvement work of Yoga and other activities, thus their practices included a good amount of sexual energy enhancing, maintenance and sublimation techniques.

So let’s see what we have here so far with all this Tantra, Tantric soup,


- a Tantric “vital force energy” centred view of the cosmos and the human being


- Tantra Yoga techniques to enhance, maintain this energy


- Tantric Human Energy channels and energy centres anatomy


- Tantric Emotions and physical influencing each other like to sides of the same medal


- Tantra emphasis on the sexual energy enhancing techniques as powerful booster


- Tantric 5 elements frequencies

Hong Kong Tantric & Tantra Massage

Hong Kong Tantric Massage will make you flexible, it will give you vitality and beauty ;-)

Hong Kong Tantric Massage Methods

Tantra is made by astonishing efforts of an important part of Indian (Mainly Hindu, with few Buddhism derived elements) culture to pursue self-improvement, enlightenment and realization through both a Tantric shamanic way and a Tantric yogic way.

Hong Kong Tantric Massage will give you peace of mind and body

Hong Kong Tantric Massage will give you peace of mind and body