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Applied Reflexology Outcall Massage Hong Kong

Applied Reflexology in Outcall massage in Hong Kong it is a very intense operationally reality.

Reflexology is one of the therapeutic techniques belonging to the Hong Kong traditional massage and thus to the Hong Kong Outcall massage.

As much as the city love massage places it is also very common to have massage therapists travel to the customer residence or hotel room. This type of Hong Kong Massage operation present two obvious challenges for the massage operator:


The travelling time and cost.


Ensuring the same massage quality level of the SPA in the customer hotel room and residence.


Usually the Outcall massage therapy will be performed on the customer bed which require the massage therapist to use different angles and positions than in the massage shop.

In this sense even reflexology applied on a patient own bed will require special effort by the Hong Kong Outcall massage therapist.


A good professional Hong Kong Outcall massage reflexologist will start the session by ensuring the patient feel at ease and by creating a thorough file about the patient condition and historic.

Naturally, reflexology is not to be taken as a per se medical technique, but it is a valid diagnostic and therapeutic tool to be used as an auxiliary technique that accompany any other form of medical treatment;


The Hong Kong outcall massage session will start with a profiling of the patient situation and a definition of the reflexology areas that demonstrate a problem. This phase will determine the balancing and toning actions in the different reflexology areas. The session usually will follow this order:


1 The head and the neck (For Sinus, Hypophysis, brain, eyes) massage


2 The chest region (lungs and heart) massage


3 massage the abdomen (Liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, Large intestine, Kidneys, bladder)


4 the pelvic region massage


5 the sexual organs (Prostate, uterus, ovaries, testicles) massage


6 The spinal cord massage


7 the arms and legs joints massage


8 Blood and lymph circulation massage

applied Reflexology Hong Kong Outcall Massage