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Hong Kong Tantric massage Chakra Manipura

Chakra Manipura in Hong Kong Tantra massage is designated as the belly button or the solar plexus chakra, it is located in the area around and near the belly button. In the Tantric massage literature it bear a particular connection to the pancreas and it connect to the eyes sight sharpness.


Psychologically it influence our ability to separate good and evil, the will power, it influence our ability to transform negative emotions in positive emotions during the Hong Kong massage as it is the Tantric energy centre where we can activate the fusion and transformation of our emotional energy.


Physically, Chakra Manipura Tantric massage heavily impact our digestion quality, and the entire kinetic power of the body into movement, for this reason it is very important Hong Kong tantric massage chakra manipura in the practice of martial arts so to enable the practitioner to focus his energy and his physical power.


The energy element connected to this Hong Kong tantric Massage Chakra Manipura is fire which naturally relates to light and inner force, therefore the important impact in the eye sight and the physical force.

Given the essential Tantric role of this Manipura massage chakra in the treatment of emotional energy then any kind of energy blockage at its level will have a detrimental effect on the emotional status of the individual producing all types of psychosis and anxiety pathologies.


Physically this Hong Kong Tantric Massage chakra Manipura is related to a big quantity of internal organs and bowels like the pancreas, the liver, the spleen, the small intestine, therefore the ability for this chakra to support digestion both of food and of emotions.

A Hong Kong Tantric massage therapist will use this chakra Manipura to promote health in relation to nutrition problems, emotional problems, gallbladder pathologies, Diabetes, all sort of digestion problems, eyes problems, stomach and liver pathologies, shyness.


The Hong Kong Tantric Massage hands techniques for the chakra Manipura will include all sort of fingers, hands and elbow techniques to be used in pinching, pressure, kneading and scrub. A proper manipulation of the Hong Kong tantric massage chakra Manipura will require a thorough knowledge of the abdomen anatomy and high level energy control skills to protect from the patient negative emotions released during the massage of this chakra.


In the healing massage and martial arts techniques literature this Manipura Chakra has the highest importance for securing the full body energy unity and integrity and acting as a storage battery for the life force energy.

This Chakra Manipura Tantric massage Hong Kong is the true heart of all the human body energy channels network, therefore any blockage, tension or obstruction will transpose to blockages and energy negativity and stagnation everywhere else in the body.


A proficient Tantric Massage Therapist Hong Kong will be very mindful of the Manipura Chakra smoothness, fluidity and softness, all the Hong Kong Tantric Chakra Manipura hands massage techniques will enhance those three qualities in order to promote general body energy strength and health.

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